Elevate Your Game

An Interview Series with Top Performing Baseball Players and Coaches

Mark Pottie, Co-Founder and Coach of Launch Baseball Academy, sat down (virtually) with a number of top-performing baseball players and coaches from around North America to gain valuable insight, inspiring takeaways and discover the on and off-field routines that make a successful baseball player. This free, in-depth interview series was created to inspire youth baseball players, parents and coaches to help our younger generation of baseball players take their game to the next level.

 Louis Boyd 

Everett AquaSox

 Kawika Emsley-Pai 

Head Coach
Centralia College

 Telvin Nash 

Professional Baseball Player, Toyoma Thunderbirds (Japan)

 Cav Whitely 

Former Head Coach
Douglas College

 Rob Fai 

Sports Broadcaster, Voice of the Vancouver Canadians

 Adam Maier 

Pitcher and IF, UBC Varsity
Team Canada

 Jordan Thompson 

Former Professional Baseball Player and coach

 Johnny Stewart 

Clubhouse Manager and Head of Stadium Operations

 Ben Harley 

Pitching Coach
Centralia College

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